Furniture making


Harbour bridge tableFurniture making 1996 - 2000

After graduating from University of Newcastle with a degree in Industrial Design, he started Beyond Design specialising in designing and making furniture and sculpture.

His most successful styles were, sculptural, natural timber look, and furniture with the ultra fine lines permitted by the strength of Australian hardwoods.

Much of the timber he slabbed with a chainsaw mill. His workshop was in Blackheath in the Blue Mountains.

Several specialist woodworking and furniture shops sold his work as art and furniture. Very few pictures taken or this era.

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Natural Edge timber and benches

Wood turning

Fine furniture - original designs




Outdoor furniture



At Avalon Constructions we are not set up to manufacture furniture any more, but rather are we are able to incorporate the joinery, design, and sculpture, into your house.

Our workshop however, is set up to make doors and tables.